consulting 2

Want to go from concept to cohesive brand? When I started my clothing line in 2013, I started at the very beginning. Meaning, I knew nothing. I loved clothing, but I didn’t know how to design it, how it was made, where and how to source fabrics… literally I was at ground zero. Now that I have years of experience under my belt and successes and failures (you can’t have one without the other!) I want to help you make your concept a reality! Here are a few things I can help you with!


  • How to communicate exactly what you want. Your designs. Your concept.
  • How to select aka “source” the perfect fabrics for your designs.
  • Sample process; creating your first patterns and perfecting your samples!
  • Production process; cut, sew, marking, grading… there is a lot to know!
  • Dye & Screen Printing process; including specialty dye and wash (tie dye etc..)
  • Finishing; care labels, inside labels, hang tags and packaging.
  • Branding; creating a cohesive brand (including logo, tags, mission statement etc.)
  • Marketing; Social media and advertising. Grow your following!!
  • Sales Materials; Lookbooks and linesheets, everything you need to sell, sell, sell!
  • Website; E-commerce set up! Building your site!
  • Costing sheets; now that you are ready for production this is how you figure out your COG (costs of goods!) and how to mark up from cost to wholesale to retail.

So! Let’s get started. Shoot me an e-mail to to go over exactly what you’ll need! Looking forward to hearing from you!